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The CEQ Course

Prepare4RANZCP has no formal connection or association with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

These are independent exam preparation courses. What I expect is that by successfully completing all of the modules in these courses you will significantly increase your chances of passing the College written exams.

However, just signing up for a course is not going to work as a talisman! - you need to work through all of the modules and assignments alongside your personal exam preparation.

I am now offering an in-depth courses for the CEQ exam. The course offers comprehensive exam preparation resources including recorded modules and multiple practice questions.

The cost of this course relates to the personalised, individual video feedback provided to you by Prof Harvey after you submit each assignment. The aim is to coach you to better performance and get you over the cut score in the exam. This is a very unique opportunity and form of coaching. Feedback is 100% personalised and individual.

The course will run on any device. Each module uses slides, audio and video.

You will need either a scanner or a scanning app for your smartphone to scan and upload your handwritten essays and modified essays. 

As soon as the College confirms that it is switching to typed essays and modified essays, the Course will as well. For now, all submissions must be handwritten (as in the real exam).

For each practice essay you will get written scoring based on the RANZCP marking scheme/rubric, and a personal video from Prof Harvey who will talk you through your submission and any issues that affected your marks.

You must watch the introduction modules first, then plan and prepare for your revision, then come back and work progressively through the other modules.

A subscription to the course will give you access until 1 day after the sitting of the exam for which the course is published.

Courses are open for enrollment approximately 9 months before each sitting of the exam.

This course includes a money back guarantee (see below)

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CEQ Exam Skills

The CEQ exam is a relatively straightforward test of knowledge and understanding of contemporary debates in psychiatry, the experience of being a psychiatrist, the practice of psychiatry and the expeirence of our patients.

Although trainees often fear this exam, the marking scheme is very clear and it is not difficult to learn how to write essays that will confidently pass. However, as with any exam dedication, focus and some hard work is required (there are no shortcuts!).

Again to quote the College:

"Purpose of the CEQ Examination

The CEQ Examination assesses skills that are considered essential for consultant psychiatrists and are not adequately sampled by other assessment opportunities

.The CEQ Examination assesses skills that are part of the CanMEDs, and allows trainees to demonstrate their ability to evaluate and critically appraise a proposition relevant to psychiatry, apply an evidence-based assessment and demonstrate a capacity for balanced reasoning and reflective thinking.

The purpose of the CEQ Examination is to assess:

* written analytical and critical thinking skills that indicates a clear and coherent understanding of the complex role of psychiatry in a broader context,

* the ability to consider different points of view, awareness of broader social, cultural and philosophical models of illness, and

* the ability to express a professional opinion clearly in written prose under time pressure."

Prepraration for the CEQ requires extensive reading of the current clinical literature on Australasian psychiatry and deep and reflective thinging on psychiatry, being a psychiatrist and the expeirence of patients and carers.

These skill can be learned relatively early in training and the keys to success are having the time to do the reading and develop the skills of writing a critical essay for the RANZCP marking scheme (not just any essay will do!).

The CEQ course offers an in-depth focus on the structure of the exam,. how to learn from previous exmainer feedback, how to prepare for the exam and then multiple submitted practice exercises and then essays to build your skills.

So confident am I about teaching this Course that it includes a money back guarantee. If you pass the CEQ Course (and download the certificate of completion), but subsequently fail the sitting of the CEQ Exam and have attempted ONLY the CEQ Exam, you will recieve a full refund.