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The MEQ Course

Prepare4RANZCP has no formal connection or association with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

These are independent exam preparation courses. What I expect is that by successfully completing all of the modules in these courses you will significantly increase your chances of passing the College written exams.

However, just signing up for a course is not going to work as a talisman! - you need to work through all of the modules and assignments alongside your personal exam preparation.

I am now offering separate in-depth courses for the CEQ exam and MEQ exam. Each course offers comprehensive exam preparation resources including recorded modules and multiple practice questions.

The cost of this course relates to the personalised, individual video feedback provided to you by Prof Harvey after you submit each assignment. The aim is to coach you to better performance and get you over the cut score in the exam. This is a very unique opportunity and form of coaching. Feedback is 100% personalised and individual.

The course will run on any device. Each module uses slides, audio and video.

You will need either a scanner or a scanning app for your smartphone to scan and upload your handwritten essays and modified essays. 

You must watch the introduction modules first, then plan and prepare for your revision, then come back and work progressively through the other modules.

A subscription to the course will give you access until 1 day after the sitting of the exam for which the course is published.

Courses are open for enrollment approximately 9 months before each sitting of the exam.

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How long until the next exam?

MEQ Exam Skills

The MEQ exam is more like a written version of the OSCE exam - testing clinical skills, management skills, governance skills and leadership skills. Again to quote the College:

"Purpose of the MEQ Examination

The MEQ Examination will continue to have a clinical focus and test the candidate’s ability to apply knowledge and clinical experience to a realistic clinical scenario.

The purpose of the MEQ Examination is to assess a candidate’s:

* clinical competence and problem-solving approach,

* understanding and the management of complex but common psychiatric situations,

* capacity to think broadly in terms of bio psycho-social aspects in assessment and treatment planning,

* ability to explore issues relevant to the practice of psychiatry, models of illness, ethical and complex service issues, and

* clinical maturity."

In my experience, this is a very tricky exam. The final point of needing "clinical maturity" is key and attempting this exam too early is a major mistake.

The MEQ course offers an in-depth focus on the structure of the exam,. how to learn from previous exmainer feedback, how to prepare for the exam and then multiple submitted practice questions each of which is personally graded by Prof Harvey and returned to you with personal video feedback and coaching.

The final module of the Course is a full practice exam.