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to help you pass the 2020/2021 RANZCP  exams


Submit practice essays and recieve constructive personal  feedback

Practice EMQ and CAP questions online just like the real exam.

Lectures and practice modules for critical analysis.

Hints, tips and submit practice questions for the modified essay paper.





The Courses created here are based on extensive trainee feedback, careful and in-depth study of what the College are expecting and best-practice adult-learning techniques.


The essay Course includes a detailed dissection of the College's recent advice regarding changes to the MEQ timings and trainee performance.


The essay-course particularly is designed around the principles of coaching - cycles of practice, honest, direct feedback and technique adjustment.


Based on almost 10 years of supporting trainees through the essay exam and studying results and examiner feedback I feel that I now have a good understanding of what the College expects of "consultant-level" ability and "broad and deep knowledge" of psychiatry.


There are no short-cuts and no tricks, but there are solid techniques that you can learn and it is also essential to avoid the dead ends and pot holes!


Courses are hosted in a state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). The system is available 24/7 with both Essay Courses and the MCQ Courses for the February 2020 exams. Register here


Registration is free, and once registered, you can see the full detail of each Course and try the first module for free.


A subscription to a course will give you access until 1 day after the sitting of the exam for which the course is published.


Typed answers in the Essay Exam Update

According to the November 2017 Training Newsletter the College is actively considering a computer based essay exam.


At present the College are "not satisfied that the examination vendor can supply services that meet the College’s requirements" which is not surprising as it would seem to me that this is a much bigger challenge than delivering an MCQ exam on-line.


Here at Prepare4RANZCP we are ready to go and will be accepting typed essay and modified essay submissions as soon as we hear a definite announcement from the College.


Feedback from recent Courses

"I passed the essay exam. No more exams !!!! What a feeling!

Thank you so much for the superb coaching! Without it, I don’t think I would have passed!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the essay exam!!!! I am absolutely over the moon, and can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance. Lots of my colleagues have been asking me what I did to prepare and I’ve recommended that they all take your course, as I really feel that’s what made the difference for me. Can’t thank you enough."


"I passed the Essay type with CEQ 74% and MEQ 60%. I must thank you for all the incredible feedback you provided.

The CEQ I attempted exactly as you had guided me via practice ones. I was left with only 32 mins to attempt it but I took about 4 to plan it and rest to write it in simple short sentences - worked fine I guess. You are fabulous !!!!!"


"I especially appreciated the lecture style CAP tutorial.


I think the obscure and random nature of some of the questions in the prep course (more so in the EMQ) gave a good preparation for the strange questions that came up in the exam.


One of the things that I found difficult to get my head around in the exam was that the questions were not grouped by topic, so you'd have one question on phenomenology, next on management of D&A.


It was a little disconcerting, so perhaps let people know to expect that (especially if they are used to doing the paper-based practice past papers). The questions also were not grouped, so most of them had a whole new set of answers for each question (so you couldn't even eliminate answers based on what you'd already used)"


"The exam was very hard. There were numerous clinical questions which were quite ambiguous and there were also many questions on psychotherapy. There were many unheard-of names in psychotherapy and these were to be matched with a single technical word or phrase associated with the person. The CAP questions were qualitative analysis and the other one was a case-control of some sort."


"Just letting you know that we have both passed the essay exam!!!!!!!

I am so delighted. Thank you a million times over for your gradual, incremental coaching over the duration of the online course. I honestly feel it helped very significantly for the CEQ component especially."


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your assistance during my Essay Exam in August 18. I was delighted to hear that I had passed. The fact that I was able to achieve this after only 2 years of training as a basic trainee was particularly gratifying. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without your guidance and support for which I am most grateful.

Hopefully you can use my example to encourage your future course participants to believe that with the right preparation, the exam can be passed despite not having as much experience as the college advises prior to sitting for the exam."


"I am a Sydney registrar who undertook your essay exam course. Just wanted to let you know that I passed comfortably, and am very thankful for your guidance and support along the way. My essay writing improved dramatically by using the skills I learned in the course, and I ended up scoring especially highly in the CEQ."


"I would like to share my joy with you. I have passed the MCQ exam in August 17. Your MCQ course, particularly the CAP has been very helpful for this exam. Thank you very much for your support."


" Thank you for your amazing course. You picked the last question (on pseudoseizures) which was very helpful!"


"Thank you so much for all your feedback , ongoing support and motivation! I really appreciated the personal feedback. I think I did much better than last time, finished 2 min early :-)"


"I especially appreciated the essay feedback, all I hope for now is that I have passed.."


"I thought I'd let you know I got through the MEQ/CEQ. I so appreciate all your help with the preparation"


"I think your course is one of the best preparations available out there, especially when working remote with no training program/ trainees in the service."


"Your course has been very useful for me as a candidate trained in a different country, especially regarding the broader humanistic and cultural perspectives relevant to the RANZCP."


"Not sure if you included this in your course already, but avoiding having too much fluid before the exam is important, so that you don't waste time busting or in the bathroom!"


"I failed but it's quite ok.  Some tweaking to do for next time. Also I need to actually complete the online courses next time."



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