We continue to monitor the situation and College exam plans. All Courses now offer a FREE transfer to a future Course should an exam be cancelled  or if you have to withdraw from the exam for COVID-19 related reasons.

Online courses
to help you pass the 2021/2022 RANZCP  written exams

The courses created here are based on extensive trainee feedback, careful and in-depth study of what the College is expecting and best-practice adult-learning techniques. 

My courses are designed around the principles of coaching - cycles of practice, honest, direct feedback and technique adjustment. 

Based on more than 10 years of supporting trainees through the written exams and studying results and examiner feedback I feel that I now have a good understanding of what the College expects of "consultant-level" ability and "broad and deep knowledge" of psychiatry. 

There are no short-cuts and no tricks, but there are solid techniques that you can learn and it is also essential to avoid the dead ends and pot holes! 

Courses are hosted in a state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). The system is available 24/7 with both Essay Courses and the MCQ Courses.  

Registration is free, and once registered, you can see the full detail of each Course and try the first module for free. 

A subscription to a course will give you access until 1 day after the sitting of the exam for which the course is published.

Professor Richard Harvey MBBS MD MRCPsych FRANZCP FPOA AMA(M)
Course Director

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What other trainees have said

Quotes are republished with trainee permission

"Thankyou for your in-depth and very structured MCQ course. I signed up for the course to help with my study generally, but particularly for the CAP section. I am a Monash undergraduate student with no research subject at uni, in a regional hospital where we don't have a journal club. Statistics has always been my weak point. I watched the 3 lectures very carefully (and multiple times). You can imagine my surprise today, to see that CAP was my highest ranking section in the MCQ breakdown, getting 82.5% of the CAP questions correct.."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your assistance during my Essay Exam.. I was delighted to hear that I had passed. The fact that I was able to achieve this after only 2 years of training as a basic trainee was particularly gratifying. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without your guidance and support for which I am most grateful.Hopefully you can use my example to encourage your future course participants to believe that with the right preparation, the exam can be passed despite not having as much experience as the college advises prior to sitting for the exam.."

"Just letting you know that we have both passed the essay exam!!!!!!!

I am so delighted. Thank you a million times over for your gradual, incremental coaching over the duration of the online course. 

I honestly feel it helped very significantly for the CEQ component especially.."

'Decoupling" the CEQ and MEQ

The College has now confirmed that the essay exams will be 'decoupled' from August 2021. This should make a big difference to helping trainees pass both essay components. 

We have now launched two new courses to support this new opportunity. Each course will provide comprehensive coaching and preparation for each component of the new essay exams.

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